Ruitertassen's first leather bags were made and sold in Holland in 1925. Today, Ruitertassen's reputation is international.

With Ruitertassen leather bags it is all about tradition and quality.

Our leather bags are made to last and embellish trough the years.
Today, few of our competitors can boast about that.

Making quality leather bags and satchels is a matter of principle.
We, at Ruitertassen, do not believe in programmed obsolescence and products made to follow trends and last a season.
A Leather satchel with a lifespan of three years, like many sold today, is inadmissible. A leather satchel, a quality leather satchel should last a lifetine.

If our Ruitertassen leather satchel can serve you a lifetime and then be passed on to the following generation, then, and only then, will we have accomplished our mission.


A leather satchel made of high quality full grain leather.

Ruitertassen satchels and bags belong with the elite in terms of the quality of the leather and fittings we use as well as the leather craftsmanship. When buying a Ruitertassen leather bag you invest in a tool that will keep its promise throughout the years and that will improve with use. Our leather is of such quality that with time it will soften and develop a beautiful patina whilst remaining strong and reliable.

Our leather is of superior quality.

You can not compare our leather with the leather used to manufacture most bags out there. For example, the leather we use to make our Classic Heritage collection has the following particularities :

  • Vegetable-tanned leather - No heavy metal, or chrome residues.
  • Thickness of the hide is 2.5 mm of full grain leather: it will never crack, tare or loose shape !
  • All our bags are FULL GRAIN leather : The highest possible quality of leather.
This type of leather is the hardest to work with, only true craftsmanship and experience allows us to obtain the beautiful finish of Ruitertassen leather bags and satchels.


If you buy your bag via our official online shop, we promise :

  • A 2 YEAR GUARANTEE against defects.
  • FREE DELIVERY of your bag to your home or work place.
  • A FULL REFUND if you are unhappy with your bag.
  • EASY RETURN of your bag if you want a refund or an exchange.
A RUITERTASSEN ADVISOR is there to help 24/7.
Contact us : advisor@ruitertassen.co.uk


Patrice, About Black Lawyer's Messenger.
"A lovely thick leather that smells nice, it simply looks the part.
Funny thing: this bag attracts just as much attention as my Harley attracts dialogue!
It's always good when others appreciate our choices and purchases."

Caroline (teacher), About Heritage satchel.
"This satchel is even more gorgeous in real life ! Light, not too fat,nicely finished: I LOVE IT
I'm happy !!"

Jenny, About nous.
"I can state that Ruitertassen's reputation and reliability are not made of smoke.
I thank you and will promote your bags to friends and family.